Note: This is only a small portion of the total amount of data collected, and some day we may figure out a good way to show it all to the public.  The entirety of the PowWow test results are given directly to the designers from each brand so that they can use it to make better products and progress snowboard design.

We are working on getting all of the reviews up one by one.  Because of the sheer number of boards tested, we only have a default image for most of the boards.  Sorry about that.


THE MTNWARRIORS We call our testers the MtnWarriors- people who live in the mountains and ride over 100 days a year. They live and breathe snowboarding- who better to give their honest opinion on how a freeride board really preforms under their feet? MtnWarrior testers include: Mikey Franco (snowboard guide), Lance Pitman (Jackson Hole legend, Illuminati Snowboards), Jeff Stein (World Wide Tribes Guide), JP Martin (Gentemstick/ Parkdiggers), Pete Wurster (Unity Snowboards), Scott Sheer (3rd at World Freeride Champs), Julie Zell (Former Queen of the Hill), Gary Hansen (Formerly of Snowboard Mag), Eric Odlin (TGR tester), Mike Hardaker (Mtn Weekly News) and many others. Shop owner/buyers: Benny Pellegrino (Milosport), Jay Moore (World Boards), Dennis Nazari (Salty Peaks), Kurt Moore (Hoback Sports), Kris Berge (Hole in the Wall shop), Joel Handischin (Jackson Treehouse), BMay (Jackson Treehouse),


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